Pleural Effusion Ascites and ghosts

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Pleural Effusion Ascites and ghosts

8 yr FS cat, PE and ascites. Blood wk=NSF, Alb= normal. US; normal cardiac structure and function, slight increased right ventricular size. Ghost noted on tilted brick just cranial to heart base and above ventricle at level of R atrium on RSA view. Fluid sample obtained from abdomen consistent with mild chylous effusion (no inflammation, bacteria or neoplastic cells observed, protein content=40g/L). Brief abdominal scan= mass/LN mid caudal abdomen. Plan, sedation, aspirate cytology, thoracocentesis, PLI.


Eric Lindquist

The la size is normal so the pleural effusion is not cardiogenic. There is a lung mass in the bottom right of your image 3 and its lung because there is air entrapment in the parenchyma (see arrow) Mineralization suggests carcinoma. The other image has undifferentiated mass likely LNs given that there is nor air in the parenchyma (image 4). Pleural effusion comes from lymphatic congestion typically . Fna the lesions +/- cytospion the pleural effusion and slide out sediment immediately to have the best read for exfoliating neoplasia. Nice images! There is some enhanced fat in the chest near the right auricle and has some hetero changes which may be seeding but i wouldnt call that specifically a “mass”. Fat enhances when there is pleural effusion and is echogenic. Hope this helps see my attached screen shots of your videos.

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