Peri-renal anechoic cyst like structures

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Peri-renal anechoic cyst like structures



  • 6 year old FS obese Australian Shep X (looks more like Chihuahua X Pomeranian) presented for ultrasound for an elevated ALT.  The dog is asymptomatic.
  • The abdominal ultrasound was unremarkable except for multiple anechoic cyst like lesions adjacent to the left kidney capsule and a few noted on the right kidney as well.  Color flow Doppler was negative.
  • I have not seen peri-renal lesions like this before and am wondering what this is….congenital or acquired cysts?  parasitic? inflammation or infection? Neoplasia seems unlikely since the dog is obese and clinically normal.



Hey Electrocute! I had a

Hey Electrocute! I had a patient with that picture! but she had acute renal failure ..





Thanks for sharing that,

Thanks for sharing that, Adams.  This dog does have a BUN of 35.  I will have to see if they have done a U/A lateley.  Again, she is obese and asymptomatic.  I am wondering if perhaps this was an old insult?


posted on the other thread as

posted on the other thread as it doubled up so here are my comments and IM deleting the second duplicate:

Hmm I’m seeing a capsular inflammatory pattern especially in the second video. What does this are things like acute/subacute renal insult like lepto, active infarcts, any sort of cortical inflammation and if progressive then renal round cell noeplasia with a subcapsular halo starting. I would work up the urine and run a lepto titer to see if its there subclinically or even fna 25 gauge but I wouldnt discount it as nothing as fuzzy fat and deviated capsules always mean there is something to talk about. Maybe start some ampicillin in the meatime til you have more diagnostics.

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