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Hi, this is Chiquita. 

Hi, this is Chiquita. 

  • 8 year old FS min pin with history of seizures
  • chronic pancreatitis and suspect IBD
  • previous mast cell grade II (two separate surgeries both grade II) 
  • been on GI low fat previously, transitions to Hypo HP Royal Canin and did well but recently relapse
  • Severe bloody mucosa sloughing diarrhea, anorexia, vomiting 
  • Amylase elevated and inhouse cPL positive
  • Improved with supportive care

Here are two video clips of the pancreas and I was wondering if this is consistent with pancreatitis or is there a concern of a cystic lesion/mass within the pancreas? I have had some difficulty localizing the pancreas in the past but felt confident this was it (hopefully). 

I also have an lymph node located in the left caudal abdomen that appears enlarged. 

Our current plan is to refer for repeat abdominal U/S and potential sampling of the pancreas and LN. Owners may declined referral and we will sample the pancreas and LN inhouse. 

Current meds are: metronidazole (chronic), famotidine, sucralfate, claritan, keppra and recently added aventiclav to control diarrhea. 





Sorry for the delay Ive nbeen

Sorry for the delay Ive nbeen lecturing here in Vancouver. Looks like focal pancreatitis to me or a distorted LN. I would fna it to be sure but its looks inflammatory

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