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Pancreatic abcess/cyst



This is a 7 years old M/N Chihuahua that was diagnosed with Pancreatitis by CPL snap. Rest of bloodwork showed marked inflamation. He is showing poor response to current supportive treatment. US findings :pancreatitis and large pancreatic abcess or cyst. I tried to aspirate with a 22 gauge needle and was able to get enough for cytology but not to drain it. Do you use a larger needle, like a 18 gauge for these cases? I also had truble finding the right angle because the structure was adjiacent to duodenum, at mesenteric border. In this case is surgery next step or should we still monitor response by US?

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Actually I think this is a

Actually I think this is a mural duodenal abscess or even tumor. Note the progressive loss of mural detail (short arrow) in the intestinal wall and the intestinal serosa (long arrow) that is continuous from the duodenum around the abscess or tumor. Power dioppler of the lesion would distinguish tumor from abscess. I would likely go after this surgically.


Now that you mention duodenal
Now that you mention duodenal mural abcess it makes more sense why there was so difficult to get the proper angle to get a sample. It was “glued” to duodenum. Surgery it is! Thsnk you

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