MSK US: sciatic nerve neuritis

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MSK US: sciatic nerve neuritis

Just wanted to share this gem of a case with everyone. 

Correlative imaging between US and MRI of a 4 year old mixed breed dog presented with proprioceptive deficits of his right hind.

Took biopsies of the altered sciatic nerve, returned as neuritis.



Sciatic neuritis more images


You will find an video file of the neuritis under the following URL:



Pretty cool case Nele!



Very interesting case. I have a few questions to ask of you;

1) what was the clinical time line with this dog? I am very curious at what made you suspect that this was peripheral over spinal?

2)Was the MR done first which led you to scan the sciatic nerve afterwards or was it the other way around.

3) the changes to the nerve on US , were they repeatable on the MR scan? Can you describe to us your findings? We would all appreciate it. Not having scanned an abnormal nerve, I think that I am seeing variations in the appearance of the myelin sheathing ( seems to come and go). The lining also seems to change in overall thickness as well. With respect to the nerve itself I once again believe that I am seem zones where it is wider then others. There seems to be clear variations. Am I just imagining this?    

4) how do you biopsy a nerve without damaging it?

5) finally, I suspect that the MR was done first to tell you where to scan the dog as I would never have the courrage to shave a dog’s leg just on a hunch?

Nele, thank you for sharing this with us. I will add another post that I think you will like the imaging. Hint hint, does anyone know the normal size of parathyroid glands in cats? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. 


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