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Mindray 8 vs Mindray 9


Hi there,

Just wondering what are the main differences between M 8 and 9 . Mindray website lists them as having the same specs. 

Is auto EF available on the M8 ? 

The reporting function om the M7 has only some limited number of characters than you can input. Is that similar on the newer models? 

Thank you!




The main difference is software and configuration. We have extensively tested the Elite 8 taking from the human software & machine, the Elite 8, and refined it for veterinary use over thousand of cases in the field from ferret to great dane over the last 2 years. In our mobile operations we have 4 Elite 8s in the field and 2 M9s and the Elite 8s configured and tested by us are solidly more consistent patient to patient with less adjustmnents necessary for optimal imaging. We tested both untis and continue to do so but its also why sonopath has the legal exclusive to the elite 8 in veteirnary medicine in North America and we don’t deal wiht the M9. There are probe configuraiton differences as well… so, in sum, the Elite 8 by SonoPath (as opposed to an elite 8 purchased in veteirnary outside north america) is veterinary sonographer tested extensively and supported by the same SonoPath sonographers here in North America. The M9 is similar in nuts and bolts but software is designed by engineers only and not veterinary clinical sonographers. Hence scannign with the M9 is more labor intensive for image optimization patient to patient and workflows are more tedious on each case. This we see every day with our sonographers using both units.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Eric !


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