Meniscus extrusion? (Lateral)

  • Young dog
  • 5 months
  • externally visible increase on the side of the knee
  • don’t support the leg on the floor
  • could it be extrusion of the lateral meniscus due to trauma?
  • MM = medial meniscus for comparation
  • ML = lateral meniscus (external increase)

MM (left) and ML (right) images

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  1. The meniscus seems well

    The meniscus seems well aligned with the bone surfaces, yet I can agree on some internal heteroeneity. The long digital extensor seems intact (at least no full abvulsion) and in place but effusion is seen within its synovial sheath which communicates with the knee joint. So likely translocated from the joint here. no laxity? Rads?

  2. Ondreka! It’s good to see you

    Ondreka! It’s good to see you here, I watched your classes at the NAUS club, I’m a subscriber too, here in Brazil!

    I got lost in this transition of the video, I thought the area I posted in the image was the continuation of the meniscus 
    (extruded), but I think I made a sudden maneuver.
    What exactly are we seeing in this image I posted along with the x-ray attachments?
    I took it from the video I posted above. Thank you very much!


  3. Oh ja, as far as I can tell I

    Oh ja, as far as I can tell I would consider this an artifact generated by the vertical tie fibres wihtin the meniscus. It happens quite commonly and can look very confusing. One big confounder in meiscal US

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