mass on neck

This is my own 9 year old dog who has developed a firm, non mobile mass on her right neck, just cranial to the larynx.  It seems to be growing fairly rapidly.  On FNA cytology there was quite a bit of inflammation and  necrosis, but also many ” atypical”=”” epithelial=”” cells,=”” some=”” clustered. =”” the=”” pathologist=”” said=”” she=”” could=”” not=”” identify=”” their=”” origin,=”” but=”” they=”” were=”” concerning=”” for=”” a=”” neoplasm. =”” i=”” have=”” culture=”” pending,=”” wondered=”” if=”” anyone=”” tell=”” me=”” what=”” this=”” structure=”” might=”” be. =”” it=”” appears<a=”” rel=”gallery-all”> lateral to the carotid, so not thyroid, but is it possibly ectopic thyroid tissue?  I thought it was a lymph node, but few lymphocytes were seen on the cytology.  Thanks for any help.

The second video is the left side for comparison.


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  1.  think its thyroid and is

     think its thyroid and is growing into an atypical position but starting medial to the carotid. Looks resectable. Other potenital is abnormal salivary gland but this  wouild be very rare. I would take it to surgery or CT for more info then sx. Looks encapsulated

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