Logistics of Large Dog Echos

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Logistics of Large Dog Echos

I am looking for advice on the logistics of doing large dog echos.  I am purchasing a new machine and looking at whether to stick with the portable type I am used to or go with a console unit.

In the past, I did some mobile ultrasound and carried my echo table with me.  It is about 12-18″ off the ground and I would put the unit on the floor next to it.  That has worked fine but has required me to sit/lay on the ground to get under it.  The table is too large to fit on my hydraulic table I have for ultrasounds now.

I now have my own practice and don’t travel so I don’t *need* a portable machine.  But it’s always how I’ve worked so I’m not sure how to do echos on big dogs if I can’t sit on the floor.  I do prefer to do my imaging from a hole in the table under the animal.

Do any of you do big dog echos successfully with a console unit?  What type of table do you use?  We have a local population with some very large dogs (100-200 lbs).  Just trying to figure out the logistics of getting these images in a reasonably ergonomic way.




The sp5 phased array probe on

The sp5 phased array probe on the mindray Ninja will do from 15# to 160# no problem. For cats ad smaller toy breeds the p10 phased array is best or use the c11 for 95% of the exam and go to the sp5 fro cw doppler on aliasing jets like  mr. For a mobile machine I have not seen better cardiac on big or smaller dogs and I read form many machines but disclaimer i also have this machine as do all my techs and we distribute the nina exclusively and do so because of what I mention above. Acoustic power and large dog echos will never be an issue with the sp5 probe on the mindray ninja. The doppler also penetrates better through artifact more so than any machine i have scanned with and doppler is the most artifact sensitive modality. I fdrove anothe rpopular line for 13 years through all its versions and once i jumped to this mindray line I never looked back. But i use strictly mobile so try to stay ahead of the development curve in that space.

The cardigo echo table we designed is screened for 80# dogs and less but we have used it in larger than that without an issue and it folds to 50 x 50 cm. The deisgn works like a hammock for the chest and amplifies the acoustic window so really helpful on non cardiac respiratory dogs that are getting an echo… like those copd cases with valve disease. Morover it weighs just over 5# and took 6 years of design and redesign to get here through trial and error. We use them at all our tables in lab and most attendees buy one and take them home afterwards.


Hope this helps


Yes, that looks great!  What

Yes, that looks great!  What are the measurements of the table?  Trying to see if it would fit on my hydraulic lift table.





37.5 Inches. X 18.5 inches X

37.5 Inches. X 18.5 inches X 10 inches is the newest model we reduced it a touch to fit the new exam table tendency.


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