lens luxation?

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Hello this cat presented with bulging eye, squinting, scleral vessels injected, eye pressures on tonopen were 45.Secondary Glaucoma due to lens luxation- anterior, was suspected. Did not responded to Glaucoma meds and after 3 days we decided to enucleate the left eye . However at the time of preaneshetic exam, the eye pressures were 20-25 mm/Hg
ASs I can not see the posterior chamber did a focal eye U/S. No experienced with eye U/S so hopefully somebody can interpret these . I do not see retinal detachment but can see abnormal lens, iris ? Would this suggest anterior lens luxation ?


Eric Lindquist

The lens is thick but seems still in place and the second image looks like a seagull sign = detached retina but tough to tell from a still image.

Attached is a lens luxation

Eric Lindquist

It will attach an example of lens luxation and of detached retina

Calin Catarig DVM

Thank you EL. If you don t mind can you mark indicate the seagull sign on my picture.

Calin Catarig DVM

also would like to know what do you think is the hypoechoic structure ( with ? mark) close to the lens ? Thank you !

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