Kitten Echo Ratios and Numbers

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Kitten Echo Ratios and Numbers

12-week kitten. Hx of possible seizure episodes. Presented for dyspnea. Rads heavy dorsal caudal interstitial lung pattern with interstitial/alveolar pattern CV. Brief US. RSA LA size was at cut off limit for adults (Ao may be measured a bit small), LAD was WNL( slightly rounded). SNAP NT-pro BNP was abnormal (Blue dot darker than control)). Furosemide given- appears to be responding. I didn’t think LA size was notably increased to be related to the congestion? Are kitten and puppy ratios and numbers similar to adults? Was I missing something in evaluation?
Thanks for having a look.


Eric Lindquist

I dont see anything that should be causing clinical signs. As i know of no normals are present for kittens so maybe there will be disease and always best to rescan at 1 year of age but no structural pathology or volume overload here to cause any signs. June boon and heart base look normal la m ax in cats can be deceiving and if not in a clean 4 chamber it can skew high and you look a little oblique in this still image.

Dan lynn

Thank-you and Yes! He was being held. I was able to get a good 5C consistently but the transition to 4C was always fleeting. The three LAD measures taken were all similar. HR was around 120-160 bpm. Blood work was normal, temp was good. Once he’s stable we will try a light sedative and hopefully better echo. Do you think a seizure would produce a non cardiac pulmonary edema as significant as was noted on the radiographs? Any theory on the SNAP BNP?

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