IBD vs Lymphoma?

This is a 5 years old F/S Yorkie that presented with vomiting, diarheea and decrease apetite

Initially I thought it’s a straightforward GE case, but I noticed hyperechoic fat surrounding one segment of si with abnormal wall ( localized necrosis ? ) Patient was treated as an outpatient and improved clinically, however at recheck U/S noted generalized increase hyperechogenicity on the mesenteric, omental fat and enlarged mesenteric LN. Length/ height = 1.1 . Both nodes are hypoechoic and one measured 0.6 cm . Still less then 1 cm , so should I be concern that while on meds ( Metro, cerenia, omeprazole, vit b12, hypo diet ) her LN are enlarged ? What is the cryteria for length to height ratio for pets? same as in humans ?

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  1. Reactive mesentery on the

    Reactive mesentery on the intestinal serosa and Lns and that outpcketing looooks like the accessory panc duct as its curvilinear and i think is supposed to be there. However given the mesenteric presentation, likely enteritis and lymphadenitis but one LN is rounding and i would fna that. I dont think there is a cut and dried point on LvsW cut off on LNs in dogs and cats but rounding suggests neoplasia and longer vs wide suggests reactive but i have seen benign in both and malignant in both which is why fna cyto and pcr/parr are important as well as culture of the fna. When in doubt get a needle in it:)

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