Swollen kidneys and splenozaygos shunt in a 6yr old, FS, DSH.

Swollen kidneys and splenozaygos shunt in a 6yr old, FS, DSH.

A 6-year-old FS DSH with a history of a long-term liver shunt that was maintained on occasional metronidazole and subcutaneous fluids was presented for evaluation of weight loss, hyporexia, and vomiting. CBC was within normal limits whereas serum biochemistry showed mildly elevated ALT activity, normal creatinine, and low urea.

Portostystemic shunt in a 5yr old, MN DSH

A 5-year-old MN DSH with a history of portosystemic shunt that had been diagnosed 3 years ago and was doing well with medical management was presented for evaluation of hyporexia and diarrhea over the last month. Elevated ALT was present on serum biochemistry.

Inflamed gallbladder mucocele with mucoduct and micro hepatica in a 13 year old MN Bichon

Bichon, NM, 13 years. annual exam – doing well, PU/PD – but per owner has always been PU/PD, increased liver values, h/o surgically corrected Portosystemic shunt in 11 years ago.  ALKP 439, ALT 862, AST 168, albumin 2.5, globulins 4.4, BUN subnormal at 5, white count 17.7, urine specific gravity 1.009.

03_00178 Abby W Gastroazygous shunt *BK*

An 11-year-old Silky Terrier with history of a portosystemic shunt and treated with metronidazole, Sam-E, and L/d diet, was presented for not acting herself, not sleeping, pacing, and unable to get comfortable. On physical examination the patient was lethargic and there was a 3×2 cm mass on the left anal area. Abnormalities on blood chemistry…

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