Mural Gastric Abscess with extensive Pancreatitis in a 12 year old FS Schnauzer

Mural Gastric Abscess with extensive Pancreatitis in a 12 year old FS Schnauzer

A 12-year-old SF Schnauzer that had been treated for pancreatitis was presented for ongoing inappetence and vomiting. Abnormalities on serum biochemistry were azotemia and elevated amylase and lipase. Survey abdominal radiographs showed decreased abdominal detail.

Perforated Intestine From A Linear Foreign Body In A 14-Year-Old MN Dachshund: Our Case Of the Month 2017

A 14-year-old, MN, Dachshund was presented for vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and anorexia x 3 days. The patient had a history of pancreatitis and foreign body. The patient had a painful abdomen. Blood work revealed leukocytosis, neutrophilia, low albumin (2.1) and cPL WNL. Radiographs were suspect for peritoneal effusion/peritonitis; irregular gas pattern – enteritis or pancreatitis.

CT – Solitary primary neoplasia of the right caudal lung lobe in a 9 year old MN Manx cat

This 9 year old MN Manx cat has a history of mild hypercalcemia and recent onset of pancreatitis, responded well to treatment. Presented for possible right caudal lung lobe mass noted on rads.  CBC/Chem: Phos 2.0 low, T bili 0.8

CT – Triaditis with pancreatitis and cholangiohepatitis in a 15 year old FS DSH cat

This 15 year old FS DSH cat presented with cranial abdominal pain on palpation, vomiting and decreased appetite. Diagnosed with pancreatitis, some improvement. Phos 2.7. U/A: protein +1, blood +3, urine culture no growth

Severe pancreatitis with resolution after treatment in a 12 year old FS Chihuahua

This 12 year old FS Chihuahua had vomited 10 times since the previous afternoon. History of IBD diagnosed with biopsy; history of pancreatitis Chem: amylase 2500, lipase 1000, glucose 133, total bili 1.4, GGT 22

Gastric foreign body in a 2 year old MN Dachshund dog with a history of pancreatitis

A 2-year-old MN Dachshund with a history of recurrent pancreatitis and gastric foreign that had been removed via gastrotomy was presented for evaluation of vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. On physical examination, the patient was depressed and showed nausea. The only abnormality on serum biochemistry was elevated lipase (2594).

Pheochromocytoma in a 8 year old FS mixed breed dog.

An 8-year-old FS mixed breed dog was referred for partial anorexia and mild lethargy. Mild painful cranial abdomen was noted on physical exam. CBC and chemistry panel were unremarkable. Urinalysis revealed 3+ proteinuria with isosthenuria. Blood pressure was 220 mm Hg.

Pancreatic abscess in a 6 year old MN Yorkshire Terrier cross

A 6-year-old neutered male Yorkshire terrier mixed breed dog was initially presented at an emergency referral facility for vomiting and diarrhea. Laboratory testing showed abnormal Snap cPLI, decreased BUN (5), hypokalemia, PCV of 43% and TS at 7 g/dL. Survey radiographs had shown a small amount of gas in the intestines and mild hepatomegaly. A…

Pancreatic carcinoma in a 12 year old MN DSH cat

A 12-year-old neutered male DSH cat was presented for inappetence, polydipsia, and lethargy. The patient had a history of FLUTD and pancreatitis. Recent laboratory testing had shown leukocytosis and hyperlipasemia. Abdominal pain was present on abdominal palpation. Loss of abdominal detail was evident on survey abdominal radiographs.

Pancreatitis and pancreatic cyst diagnosed by ultrasound-guided FNA in a 7 year old MN Border Collie

A 7-year-old neutered male Border Collie mixed breed dog presented after a long history of occasional vomiting and elevated lipase. The dog had three separate episodes of pancreatitis over the prior two years. The clinical exam at this time was normal, except for minor focal abdominal pain in the right cranial abdomen. The CBC revealed…

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