VSD, CHF, and Thoracic Mass In A 4-Year-Old Intact Male Sphynx Cat: Our Case Of the Month February 2023

VSD, CHF, and Thoracic Mass In A 4-Year-Old Intact Male Sphynx Cat: Our Case Of the Month February 2023

Echocardiograms are vital for the diagnosis and management of cardiac disease. Changes in the heart can develop slowly, or in the case of this patient, who has a ventricular septal defect (VSD), can progress more rapidly. The patient was diagnosed with VSD at his initial ultrasound. Within 4 months, the patient had gone into congestive…

Splenocaval Liver Shunt In A 9-Month-Old Intact Male Shih Tzu: Our Case Of the Month August 2022

A 10 lb, 9-month-old intact male Shih Tzu puppy with a heart murmur presented for vomiting and lethargy following dietary indiscretion.

SAS – Subaortic Stenosis In A 9-Month-Old Male Mastiff Mixed Breed: Our Case Of the Month July 2022

A 9-month-old intact male Mastiff mixed breed with history of being underweight presented at a referral facility for echocardiogram due to heart murmur.

Stricturing colonic mass in a 14 year old MN DSH

A 14-year-old NM DSH was presented for evaluation of chronic diarrhea and weight loss. Abnormalities on CBC and serum biochemistry were mild anemia, elevated liver enzyme active (AST 184, ALT 163) and mild hyperglycemia.

Adrenal mass with potential for Conn’s Syndrome in a 13 year old FS DSH

A 13-year-old FS DSH with known hyperthyroidism and Grade lll/Vl systolic heart murmur was presented for a bicavity ultrasound. Abnormalities on CBC and serum biochemistry were T4 <0.45; potassium 3.6; and spec fPL 6.4.

A 7-Year-Old MN Boston Terrier With Grain Free Diet-Related Systolic Dysfunction: Our Case Of the Month July 2019

Initial Evaluation: The patient presented for examination due to coughing more recently. Was at swim therapy after MPL surgery and therapist heard new heart murmur. PE grade 2/6 heart murmur, harsh lung sounds, moderate effort. The patient is on a grain free lamb and lentil diet. Current Medications: Lasix 20mg PO BID-TID (3-5mg/kg/day), Pimobendan 5mg…

PDA, Valvular Aortic Stenosis, Valvular Pulmonic Stenosis and Mitral Dysplasia in a 2-year-old Male Golden Retriever: Our Case Of the Month September 2018

A 2-year-old intact male Golden Retriever was presented for a detailed cardiology workup due to a loud systolic murmur detected on routine physical exam. The dog did not show any clinical symptoms at this time, amazingly, he was in very good condition: alert, loved to play with other dogs, and had a good appetite. He…

Mitral Valve Repair in a 12-Year-Old FS Yorkshire Terrier Mixed Breed: Our Case Of the Month December 2017

The patient was presented for a pre-surgical cardiac evaluation. The patient was suffering from a rapidly progressing degenerative mitral valve. At the time of presentation the patient was on a regimen of Furosemide (8mg/kg/SID), Pimobendan (0.25 mg/kg/BID), Benazepril (0.25 mg/kg/SID), and Spironolactone (2mg/kg/SID). Despite her treatments, she was still experiencing exercise intolerance, mildly increased resting…

RAD – occasional bronchial/peribronchial pattern indicative of former disease in a coughing 11 year old FS Japanese Chin

This 11 year old FS Japanese Chin dog has a history of a heart murmur of 6 months duration. Presented with recent coughing.

RADS – Cardiomegaly with atrial enlargement and vascular lung pattern, likely compensated cardiomyopathy in a 8 year old FS Sphinx cat

A 8 year old FS Sphynx cat was presented with a 2 month history of neurological signs at home. Is a retired breeding cat. Grade 2 systolic soft left sided heart murmur hx since 2014. Also history of URI, owners say her breathing is more raspy and audible. Decrease appetite and wt loss 1lb. Neuro…

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