Pancreatitis in a 6 year old FS Golden Retriever

Pancreatitis in a 6 year old FS Golden Retriever

A 6-year-old FS Golden retriever with a history of eating a plastic toy a few days prior was presented for evaluation of vomiting, anorexia, and lethargy. Serial radiographs were not indicative of intestinal obstruction.

Mural Intestinal Abscess In A 2-Year-Old MN Doberman Pinscher: Our Case Of the Month June 2022

A 2-year-old MN Doberman Pinscher presented on April 4th due to a sock foreign body. He underwent exploratory surgery with a resection and anastamosis. This was the second resection and anastomosis surgery for this patient since February. After the first surgery, the patient had a septic abdomen. After that surgery, he was managed with a…

Two separate foreign bodies; one fabric and one metallic type in a 1 year old MN Labrador

Labrador, NM, 1 years. Vomiting off/on. Dog has a history of eating 2 rocks for 4 months. One rock was removed surgically and one rock he passed. Today he is depressed, dehydrated and protective of abdomen. No interest in food. Radiograph Findings: Bracelet type foreign body was noted in the jejunum.   

Grass Awn in a 2-Year-Old MN Golden Retriever: Our Case Of the Month December 2019

The patient was presented for drainage tract between the 2nd and 3rd digits in the front left foot. Previous probing for the grass awn was unsuccessful; an ultrasound was performed to aid in the process of pinpointing the location of the grass awn and image the surrounding tissues.

Perforated Intestine From A Linear Foreign Body In A 14-Year-Old MN Dachshund: Our Case Of the Month 2017

A 14-year-old, MN, Dachshund was presented for vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and anorexia x 3 days. The patient had a history of pancreatitis and foreign body. The patient had a painful abdomen. Blood work revealed leukocytosis, neutrophilia, low albumin (2.1) and cPL WNL. Radiographs were suspect for peritoneal effusion/peritonitis; irregular gas pattern – enteritis or pancreatitis.

CT -Gastric foreign body, splenic mass and hip dysplasia in a 10 year old M Golden Retriever

This 10 year old M Golden Retriever presented for lameness left front; rads show possible gastric foreign body, prominent liver, bulbous caudal spleen, spondylosis on rads. 

Gastric foreign body in a 2 year old MN Dachshund dog with a history of pancreatitis

A 2-year-old MN Dachshund with a history of recurrent pancreatitis and gastric foreign that had been removed via gastrotomy was presented for evaluation of vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. On physical examination, the patient was depressed and showed nausea. The only abnormality on serum biochemistry was elevated lipase (2594).

Gastric foreign body 14 Month Old FS Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog

A 14 month old SF Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog was presented for evaluation of vomiting for a few days and history of eating foreign material.

Flattened adrenals in a FS West Highland Terrier

A spayed female West Highland Terrier dog of unknown age was presented for evaluation of weight loss and loose stools with a history of eating foreign objects. Approximately 6 months prior a gastric foreign body (plush log) had been removed via endoscopy. Recently, the owner’s hearing aid is missing. The only significant abnormality on serum…

Adrenal mass with caudal vena caval invasion in a 12 year old FS Golden Retriever

A 12-year-old FS Golden Retriever with history of previous foreign body ingestion was presented for PU/PD and trouble walking over the course of several months. The only significant finding on physical examination was a 10-pound weight loss. Trace hematuria and leukocyturia was evident on urinalysis. Abnormalities on CBC and blood chemistry included anemia, elevated ALP…

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