Pancreatic mineralizing mass in a 16-year-old FS Domestic Short Hair Cat

Pancreatic mineralizing mass in a 16-year-old FS Domestic Short Hair Cat

  A 16-year-old SF DSH was presented for evaluation of decreased appetite and weight loss. Current therapy was Cerenia, and mirtazapine. fPL was abnormal.

Enlarged left adrenal gland, Conn’s Syndrome likely in a 17 year old FS DSH

A 17-year-old FS DSH cat was presented for Inappetence, thickened intestines, kidney failure and hypertension. Abnormalities on CBC and serum biochemistry were increased BUN 44 and Creatinine 2.6. Potassium 3.6 slightly subnormal. 

Post-Hepatic Obstruction By A Duodenal Papilla Calculus In A 9-Year-Old FS DSH Cat: Our Case Of the Month

History of a sewing needle stuck in the caudal aspect of hard palate a month prior. 24 inches of string was attached and removed (without resistance) under sedation. The patient then presented almost one month later for anorexia, vomiting and hiding. Blood chemistry found ALT >1000, glucose 223, T. Bili. 2.3, TP 9.4, Glob. 6.1….

Rads: Generalized Chondroid Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Post Hemilaminectomy in a 13 year old MN Dachshund dog

The patient presented to the ER service for progressive intermittent head tremors, lethargy and anorexia. Previous history of hemilaminectomy (right, T12-13) in June 2008; owners are pursing a second opinion as this may be a neurologic issue, especially since signs are progressively worsening. Recovery good from hemilaminectomy, although there has been some mild, residual HL…

GB Mucocele: It’s Not About The Kiwi!: Our Case Of The Month November 2014

 12-year-old MN Labrador mixed breed was presented for evaluation of anorexia, vomiting, and lethargy. Abnormalities on CBC and serum biochemistry were severe leukocytosis,neutrophilia, hemococentration, and elevated ALP (600).

Leptospirosis in a 13-year-old MN Border Collie: Our Case Of The Month September 2014

A 13-year-old MN Border Collie was presented for anorexia. Blood chemistry revealed moderate to severe BUN, creatinine and phosphorus with minor ALT, CPK and globulin elevations. Urinalysis revealed isosthenuria was present with a urine PH of 6.0 and some epithelial cells. Clinical dehydration and depression was present. Survey abdominal radiographs and CBC were unreremarkable.

Erythropoietin Secreting Tumor or Renal Lymphoma? Our Case of the Month May 2014

A 7-year-old FS Beagle was presented for vomiting, lethargy, and anorexia. Blood chemistry showed a high creatinine, hypercalcemia (not ionized), hypoalbuminemia, and hyperglobulinemia. CBC showed polycythemia with a hematocrit of 65%.

Post hepatic biliary obstruction in an 8 year old MN DSH Cat with biliary calculus.

An 8-year-old MN DSH cat presented for weight loss, anorexia and icterus. Other than icterus th eclinical exam was unremarkable. Total bilirubin 5.6 was elevated along with ALT,  SAP  and prolanged PT and APTT on the coagualtion panel.

Cranial Abdomen Mass

A 16-year-old FS DSH cat with history of diabetes and hyperthyroidism was presented due to vomiting, diarrhea, and anorexia. Physical exam found poor body condition and weight loss. Urinalysis showed SG of 1.017, proteinuria, and hematuria. A coagulation panel was mildly elevated.

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