Gastric mass?

12 years old M/N cat with severe weight loss, decrease apettite,chronic vomiting. BW – mildy hypoalbuminemia, rest wnl

Pylorus is thickened and at the junction with prox duodenum there is severe concentric thickening. To me it suggest neoplasia and less likelly pyloric stenosis ( never seen one in a cat) . Do you agree ?

Stomach wall measured normal but 1:1 mucosa to muscularis . Rest of US was normal

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  1. i commented on this before

    i commented on this before but I guess it didn’t post. I dont see any neoplastic criteria as the submucosal layer is in tact even thouhg the muscularis appears mildly thickened. I don;t appreciate stenosis here either. Lumen is empty. Low albumin would suggest ibd but wacth for emerging neoplasia. Malassimilation or neoplasia elsewhere would be my guess.

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