Esaote to Logiq switch, help!

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Esaote to Logiq switch, help!

I am looking for some advice on US machines (any advice on models? Portable would be a plus). I know it has been discussed many times. 

I am looking for some advice on US machines (any advice on models? Portable would be a plus). I know it has been discussed many times. 

I have a Esaote Class C system with linear probe, CA123 and PA 122 (phased array). I am now doing much more echos and since I am attending ESAVS cardiology courses I would want to upgrade to include TDI software, too, without compromising quality for abdominal ultrasound (Im full time sonologist for the clinic, so USs is all I do). Current technical support from Esaote’s distributor is poor and clinic is considering purchasing a second machine from a different supplier with better post purchase service (rather than upgrading TDI in the current machine). This second machine should be of the same specs or higher. New distributor only provides GE. Im not familiar with this. They suggest Logiq V5 “because this is popular in USA”…and Im not convinced this is good enough reason and I do not even find this model in the website (I do not see a veterinary section)

Distributor here I think is a bit lost. They will arrange a trial day with an IT guy from USA from GE with a V5 machine with human settings but then they explained there is a veterinary settings package (or something like that) that I will get if we proceed to purchase. I said ” If im going to switch I want to see the settings at their best, cause only that way ill be conveinced of same or better image quality”…Am I being fair?

What are the common systems used from GE that are at least of similar specs as My lab Class C (or higher, of course).

Probe wise, I read a thread from February 2018 and I see that recommended probes are C8, 6s and 3s (for over 50Kg? or pound?). I work with a catclinic (my PA122 is many times too large footprint and I still struggle with the doppler settings).

So, I do many cats, small to medium breed dogs and practically none >30Kg patients (here in Singapore large breeds are much less common).

I would be happy to sacrifice the linear probe for an extra C8 probe…and probably not the 6S…

any advice on models? Portable would be a plus (my current one is not). They are happy to try a different machine that I would prefer…just Im also a bit lost. Thanks in advanced for any info.



Well honestly you should look

Well honestly you should look at staying in asia with Mindray Elite 8 or M9 which are simlar models. I am actually switching all our inventory of 6 logic e machines to the elite 8. The work flows are awesomely simple, image quality stellar, larger higher resolution screen than the similar competitors at that price range despite being mobile size, and support on our end has been very solid and responsive with a very enticing 5 year warranty so saves on the need for service contract which can be 3-4k/year which you have to factir into the 5 year cost of the machine i.e another 16-20k for other models.

I was never a mindray fan until the elite8/M9 line came out and drove them hard and read them on telemed cases over the last 18 months

Disclaimer is that we are developiing a relationship with mindray but we are doing so for layers of solid reasons only touched on above. More to come on that in 2019

We use the c11, 14L linear and the 5s cardiac and can scan anything anywhere anytime with these 3 probes. No TDI though but we dont use it.

The logic e next gen (called other things in other countries) is solid and if not scanning > 40# then th e8c, 12L and 6s should be fine.

The esaote alpha is solid in image quality but honestly better remotely when reading telemed because the screen is not hi res and is too small in my opinon and when you compare the images live against the images on a macbook pro after transferring in dicom theres a world of difference in quality. Try it yourself I almost want to hook up a high res large screen to an alpha vga port or better yet the hdmi port. I have always found esaote tedious in workflow especially the touch screen on the alpha but its a personal preference.

The gamma workflow is nicer and more efficient but doesnt image well over 40 pounds typically. I read telemed form all these models and have driven them extensively as well. I drove GE forever until now so its like speaking italian and learning french when flipping between GE and Esaote… doable but a bit tedious to change the flows:) you get over it but have to factor that time and curve into the new purchase.

I wrote these articles regarding machine purchasing last year as they may be of use off the home page:

Hope this helps

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