Episodic collapse

Senior larger breed dog with episodes of collapse and history of a left-sided murmur.

-moderate MR 4.4 m/s, other valves competent

-LA:Ao 1.87

-FS 45.7%

-LVOT max = 1.6 m/s

-small volume pericardial effusion with tamponade

-normal PA, no evidence of PH

I don’t associate MR with normal contractility with pericardial effusion.  Are there 2 separate disease processes going on or am I missing something?


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  1. Thanks for posting!
    This one

    Thanks for posting!

    This one looks to me like severe mitral valve disease with very high LV filling pressures and high LA pressure (the MI gradient is likely higher thsn 4.4m/s but might still be low indicating congestion). The PE in this setting is most likely congestive, although I cannot exclude an additional disease. Did you see chest radiographs? Does the patient have ascites?  Is this dog already on meds? Some of these dogs seem to develop low output failure as well which could cause collapse…

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    (I apologize for typos, I’m on vacations and have to write on my Iphone….)

  2. Thanks for the response

    Thanks for the response especially since you’re on vacation!

    I am not the primary care DVM so I’m not entirely sure of his history but he’s not on any medication and chest rads have not been taken.  As far as I know the patient doesn’t have ascites but I admit to not scanning his abdomen.  

    I’ve never seen PE in a dog secondary to congestion, I think of it as a cat thing so that’s good to know.

    He’s a large breed dog as well which makes the findings more strange to me as well.



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