distended ureter?

14 years old German pointer Intact, Male presented with recent onset of incontinence . Patient was recently diagnosed with Multicentric Lymphoma, owner decided against Chemo and was placed on Pred . The peripheral LN regressed and still normal in size but now developed incontinence .

Noted sand type sediment i n bladder and this anechoic tubular structure, but did not recall that I’ve seen previously vascularization adjiacent to a distended urether . LK has a mild distended pelvis and has mineralization

The other possibility is that this is a MILN.

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  1. Looks like a distended ureter

    Looks like a distended ureter depends on the cause at the u pap. I have seen really big BPH prostates impinge on the u paps and do this primarily wit hthe left ureter but ywould need to see the prostate trigone and urethra further caudally sdep 2 and sdep 3 posiitons. Obstructive stone or structure or tumor possible as well.

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