Chronic cough chest radiography


first time I am writing a post, could you please help me to interpret thos chest radiographs it’s from a York terrrier with chronic cough, about 1 month, no abnormality on broncoscopy, only finding elongated epiglottis. 



Thank you

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  1. Is there a lateral view?

    Is there a lateral view? Echo? At least it doesnt show here. Also with the format of the case you may want to cosnider submitting DICOM images for a full teleradiology consultation to allow for optimal diagnostic yield based on the image set

  2. thank you for you reply, I am

    thank you for you reply, I am not quite sure how to submit a DICOM files to Sonopath? 

    i attached the lateral view to the post, sorry I thought I uplouded it on the first post



  3. No obvious reason for the

    No obvious reason for the cough seen in these views. The fact that the rads were obtained under GA explains the small lung volume, the regional atelectasis of the lung with consecutive mediastinal shift. However the intubation also procludes thorough assessment of the trachea. From what I can see it looks normal to me. The heart is borderline large with no specific chamber enlargement the pulomnary vasculature is prominent – however also this is very typical for a bradycardia under GA. I would not consider the cough to be cardiogenic here. 

    I will have Kelly contact you regarding the case submission she knows the process in and out and will be happy to help so you can send us cases for a consult in the future if you want.


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