Cervical US in Bernese Mountain Dog

    • Primary vet reports dysphagia.  Owner reports dog swallows ok but food comes back up soon after swallowing.
    • PE shows severe muscle wasting.
    • Abnormal lab findings include: increased CK=1762 U/L, AST=110 U/L, ALT=125 U/L, low folate=4.3mcg/L.
    • The owner has the dog on multiple holistic supplements that change frequently.  The patient is also on a raw food diet.
    • Cervical ultrasound shows normal aretynoid cartilage, normal cervical esophagus, and small thyroid.
    • The soft tissue overlying the ventral trachea, superficial to the thyroid lobes appears hypoechoic and heterogeneous. It extends more to the left side. I am wondering if this is abnormal musculature (sternothyroideus or sternohyoideus), abnormal lymph node tissue, abnormal mandibular salivary gland, or neoplasia.

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  1. Lots of inflammation around

    Lots of inflammation around those superficial mixed hypoechoic structures either salivary glands or Lns not sure as the tissue architecture is disrupted. Needs a 25g fna cyto and culture. Not surgical as its multifocal.

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