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Bella is a 10 yr old black labrador that presented for anorexia and mild weightloss. Blood work revealed only an elevated bilirubin and golden brown urine.  Ultrasound showed a subjectively smaller liver( not apparent on radiograph), small gallbladder, a cbd at 2.7mm and kidneys with filled in calyces. Are the kidneys abnormal? Is it due to the bilirubinemia? Bella was not anemic per CBC.



The one image I see subjectively the kidney appears a little swollen and minor medullary rim sign but nothing specific. A number of things can do this but not necessarily pathological. Any images and video of the liver?


Bilirubin should not be nephrotoxic – how elevated is the bilirubin and any other abnormalities on the urine analysis? Any myalgia as golden brown urine may indicate myoglobinuria, which can be nephrotoxic.

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