Anal glands

Hi all, I apologize if these images come up wonky — the uploader is being difficult for me, so I can amend as needed. 🙂

I have a 12 year old FS cat here for anal gland issues.  Otherwise healthy, but huge anal glands that aren’t able to be expressed.  Very painful, has been going on for a few months.  On anti-inflammatories and oral abx with no change.  Brief ultrasound revealed firm structures with no blood flow to them.  Aspirated and only got fat and a small amount of cellular debris — will be submitted to pathologist though I’m not sure any diagnostic info will be revealed… I did many woodpecker passes and different gauge needles and kept getting the same oily material.

The kitty is pretty painful.  Can anybody glean anything from these images? Like I said, I have more — my uploader is just not being very user friendly here.  Thanks so much,

Jill, CVT

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  1. Im not seeing much other than

    Im not seeing much other than fat and some colorectum. Look at file size and your bandwidth regardign uploader issues as the site runs off amazon so solid on our end. If uploading in avi convert to mp4 and reduce file size as that may help.

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