Bladder mass

Bladder mass

12 year old terrier MN dog with history of 8months + haematuria and pollakiuria, growth on culture and non-responsive to courses of antibiotics Large wide based vascular mass in bladder, seems attached to dorsal/lateral bladder wall. It seems to extend into bladder neck. V mild pelvic dilation of left kidney, right kidney normal. Prostate normal….

Pericardial Effusion

5 year old 35kg (overweight) Collie dog presented 6 months ago with significant pericardial effusion, weakness, ascites.. No underlying cause identified on thoracic/abdominal exam Pericardiocentesis performed (removed 120ml port wine fluid, student entered room near end, dog jumped off table and catheter displaced). A small volume of fluid was left in pericardial sac. Cytology was…

Feline Heartworms?

Adult cat in heartworm endemic area. Vague history of weight loss and possible pneumonia (per referring vet, radiographs not available for review). Rest of the echocardiogram appears normal (I’ve included some example images). Do these look like heartworms?  

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