What has been your most interesting foreign body case?

Roxie-multiple coin ingestion

Roxie-multiple coin ingestion

  • A 2-year-old FS French Bulldog was presented for examination and radiographs after vomiting up a quarter, nickel, and dime.
  • Physical examination was unremarkable.
  • Radiographs showed 1-2 circular objects within the stomach.
  • Due to the history multiple coin ingestion was highly suspect.  ( Coins will commonly “stack” or stick together in the stomach making it sometimes difficult to count how many have been ingested).
  • After several unsuccessful attempts of induced vomiting, the patient was recommended for exploratory surgery.
  • A gastrotomy was performed in which two large amusement park coins were extracted.
  • The patient also underwent correction of stenotic nares and a staphylectomy.
  • The patient recovered without event.

Please feel free to share any of your interesting foreign body stories.  Images would be nice and are super easy to upload from your desktop.

We look forward to seeing your ingested socks, underwear, rope toys, corn cobs, jewelry, rubber balls, pacifiers, bras, rocks, carpets, pine needles, pine cones, peach pits, etc.  Happy sharing!

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