What are your most difficult views as a sonographer?

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What are your most difficult views as a sonographer?

Sonography in any species is a pretty cool thing you have to admit, but at times it can be a frustrating affair. Whether your patient is the size of a kitten or bigger than you are, you still have to get all of those diagnostic views to efficiently evaluate what is going on with the patient. Sometimes in the most “perfect” patient we can run into some imaging hurdles.

As a sonographer, what are your most difficult views or areas to image?

My personal struggles have been:

  • Deep chested dogs for the aortic outflow view, Boxers, Shepherds, Dobies.
  • “Large” (fat) cats for aortic outflow views.
  • Right adrenal glands, usually on the deep chested breeds once again.
  • Acquiring the adequate depth and focal points during sonographic evaluation of ACL tears.

We would love all of our community members to add their difficult views, and how you overcame the struggle or if you are still having trouble in certain areas? At SonoPath we relish in learning from others and teaching solutions to imaging problems so please comment! Thx!

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