The Curbside Guide Combo Pack ebook and softcover. Now available for purchase!

Product Details:

 The Curbside Guide is a pragmatic internal medicine manual that melds the medicine with sonogram, focusing on diseases that are commonly diagnosed with ultrasound during an internal medicine work up in small animals.

The 385-page softcover reference guide is tailored for general practitioners, sonographers, residents and specialists, and beautifully designed in a handy 5.5” x 8” size that you will easily carry everywhere in your practice.

The Curbside Guide ebook is identical in content to the paperback, with the addition of links in each chapter that reference relevant cases in the extensive SonoPath archive. Carry it with you wherever you go, and reference it readily on your smartphone or tablet.

The Curbside Guide focuses on diseases commonly diagnosed with ultrasound.

Bonus sections:

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