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  • Vomiting/Loss of appetite

    Vomiting/Loss of appetite

    Boots is an 11 1/2 year old M/N tabby that has a 1 week history of vomiting and loss of appetite. No history of FB ingestion. Mild pain upon abdominal palpation. Labs pending. I was wondering if I can get some feedback on the abdominal x-rays and 2 cine loops of the stomach. Per owner…

  • Vomiting Dog

    Vomiting Dog

    Honey is a 10 year old Border Collie with a history of vomiting of 24 hour duration and some weight loss. Vitals were WNL with maybe just mild anterior abdominal pain upon palpation. X-rays and lab work were taken. The labs were normal except for a mild stress leukogram and mildly elevatd Alk Ptase. X-rays…

  • Acute Vomiting

    Marvin is a 7 year old Black Lab with a history of 36 hours vomiting multiple times. Blood work was WNL. X-rays revealed segmental areas of ilius- but no obvious obstructions or FB. Per his owners he is not the type of dog to eat things- even though he is a lab. Since labs were…

  • Duodenum papilla?

    Duodenum papilla?

    Hi,  Miss Beasley is a 4 year old FS Scottish Terrier She has had a chronic history of allergies and multiple diet trials Recently developed pancreatitis from the food she was on (2 weeks ago) – tested positive on IDEXX cPL (385 [0-200]). Issues resolved but has returned for a relapse in vomiting (just occasional…

  • Vomiting

    Jessie is a 10 year old Lab cross that belongs to one of my assistants. Came in with a history of acute vomiting. The owners report that he vomited up “something” the owners said looked like the inner lining of the stomach. I am not certain it was not something he got into recently. There…

  • Feline with Chronic Vomiting and Pica

    Feline with Chronic Vomiting and Pica

    Penny is a 9 year old male DSH with a history of chronic intermittent vomiting and pica. Labs were totally normal. I would like an opinion on the still images of Penny’s stomach.  

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