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  • Biopsy/FNA guides on the Mindray probes

    Has anyone used the probe guide attachments for FNAs? I have near-field double vision, which makes lining up the probe and the needle fairly challenging. I’m willing to shell out the $360 to get the attachment, but can’t tell how it works, or if it is likely to make my life easier. 99% of what…

  • DCM + MMVD + PHT (!) – How would you treat it?

    Hi, 13yo MI Dalmatian with previously diagnosed hypothyroidism presented with ascitis. Echo shows: Dilated heart (suspected DCM, or at least DCM phenotype heart) + myxomatous mitral valve disease with moderate regurgitation + severe tricuspid regurgitation suggestive of severe pulmonary hypertensionv + multiple multifocal VPCs. Very low FS% (18%, with very hypokinetic LVPW). No know respiratory…

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