Deep liver FNA tips

Deep liver FNA tips

Hi all – Does anyone have any tips for those small liver and/or deep liver lesions in large deep chested dogs that are just hard to hit with a needle? If I’m intercostal, I’m struggling with rib shadowing and sometimes lung shadows as the animal takes a deep breath. If I’m subxiphoid, I’m standing on…


I saw the thread on FNA and had to tell you about a horrible day I had today. 1st time this has happened to me. Rosebud was a 14 year old cocker that I did an ultrasound on today. I am posting the cine of the spleen. She was one of my favorite Cocker Spaniels….

FNA Thoracic Mass

I was looking for some advise. I had a cat in today with Tachypnea with dry rales. I sent the X-rays to IDEXX for a radiology consult. They suggested I consider an ultrasound guided FNA of one of the nodular areas. I have never done this before.  I would appreciate some advise including advise on…

Jaundice Patient: Is A Coag Useful & When Do I Sample?

I recently received this question from a solid colleague/client that I read cases for and support in the clinical sonography technical and business curve and he had an interesting question: SM: I scanned a slightly jaundice dog yesterday. PT was double normal so I did not poke. PTT was WNL. Liver: looked totally norm but…

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