MSK US: sciatic nerve neuritis

MSK US: sciatic nerve neuritis

Just wanted to share this gem of a case with everyone.  Correlative imaging between US and MRI of a 4 year old mixed breed dog presented with proprioceptive deficits of his right hind. Took biopsies of the altered sciatic nerve, returned as neuritis.

Fine-needle biopsy needles

I get asked often about what needles I use for fine-needle biopsies.  I order about 10 cases at a time of these and that lasts about 6 months.  I have underlined the ones I use from the list of possible ones that Air-Tite sells.  The phone number for the company is at the bottom of…

Jaundice Patient: Is A Coag Useful & When Do I Sample?

I recently received this question from a solid colleague/client that I read cases for and support in the clinical sonography technical and business curve and he had an interesting question: SM: I scanned a slightly jaundice dog yesterday. PT was double normal so I did not poke. PTT was WNL. Liver: looked totally norm but…

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