Purchasing an Ultrasound Machine, Education & the “Me Too” Ultrasound Sales Industry Article



Members I am proud to announce, if you haven’t seen it already coming across your email, this 3 part series on incorporating ultrasound in practice, the educational learning curve, and tips on purchasing equiptment. Many of the concepts in this series applies to any capital equipment purchase (DR, CT, Laser …) but ultrasound is the focus of course to not get too dispersive in concept. As most of you know I spent the early part of my career in the vet hospital trenches from kennel help to technician to then GP vet to then specialty work as a sonographer then specialist/lecturer then back room corporate and now for a number of years independent wiht SonoPath, my own company. I have been wanting to write this series for a long time telling it how it is from the inside out and backroom perspective to bring to the front room of the sales process to help my colleagues understand all layers of the process and to purchase intelligently by means of being better informed, what to look out for, and what to seek at a fair price with a reliable back end to the process. This was no easy task and lets just say I’m sure I didn’t make many more friends in the sales industry here as it will liikely make their job a bit more employing but for the right reasons and I would like to see a leveling and more balanced sales process that can only come wiht the consummer klnowing how to ask the right questions. The good news is I know a number of ppeople in the indursty that live the concepts that I speak of in this article series but, of course, thats not a universal concept. I have wanted to publish this for some time but as you can imagine it wasn’t going to be published by journals that have sponsors that this article speaks of anonymously or indirectly. Hence & thanks to all of you and our content we have grown considerably to a publishable level member/consumer data base with internet available to all. So its out there now. All you need to know from the inside out of the sales, education and ultrasound in practice concepts. Consider it my professional gift to our market base. Even though the series took aj ust a few months to write but a year+ before being published it touches on learned concepts that I have absorbed over the last 20 years or so with my fortunately unqique perspective especially solely owning the independent entity of SonoPath that you know.

i hope you enjoy this and find it useful and since its accessible online right from our home page its an easy reference to your colleagues that surely ask you the same questions that i get asked all the time anmd are ansered in this article series. Honestly for me having this on line is a time saver for me as I can just give the link to my colleague and say email me if you have any more questions that arent answered here.:)

Best regards,

Eric Lindquist, DMV, DABVP, Cert. IVUSS

CEO SonoPath.com



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