Pancreatic mineralizing mass in a 16-year-old FS Domestic Short Hair Cat

Pancreatic mineralizing mass in a 16-year-old FS Domestic Short Hair Cat

  A 16-year-old SF DSH was presented for evaluation of decreased appetite and weight loss. Current therapy was Cerenia, and mirtazapine. fPL was abnormal.

CT- degenerative lumbosacral stenosis with chronic disc protrusions in a 9 year old FS Australian Shepherd dog

This 9 year old FS Australian Shepherd dog presented with a several month history of progressive weakness in the pelvic limbs.  Progressive worsening. 2 of the vertebrae look fused. Was on Rimadyl 75mg SID and no improvement. Currently taking prednisone 10mg, Baytril 102 mg SID, Tramadol 50mg Q 8-12, but only gives intermittently. Prednisone does…

RADS – Sliding Hiatal Hernia, Congenital, in a 4 year old MN French Bulldog

History: hind limb weakness, hemilamenectomy done 9/7/15, started regurging 9/9/15, suspect hernia PE: Alert, responsive and very active. Weak in hind end. CP deficits on pelvic limbs, decreased to absent. Moderately painful mid-rib area. No abdominal pain palpated. Lung fields clear. No murmur auscultated. CRT, temp normal. Cutaneous trunci reflex present. Cranial nerve exam normal….

CT – Disc Extrusion with Spinal Cord Compression in a 7 year old MN Newfoundland dog

History of weakness in the hind legs and reluctance to stand for more thatn a minute or two. Physical exam: diagnosed with hip dysplasia at the age of nine months. Presented for hind limb weakness.

CT Disc Associated Caudal Cervical Spondylomyelopathy in a 4 year old FS Boxer dog

The patient presented with an acute onset para paresis. Physical exam: 56#. Cp deficits and lateral recumbency. Painful. 

CT Right Sided Compressive Mineralized Extruded Disc Lesion in a 3 year old M Cavalier mixed dog

History of hemilaminectomy performed 12/2014. Acute onset yesterday of hind leg weakness after playing with another dog. Ambulatory but falling over after a few steps. RDVM took radiographs, gave dexamethasone injections and prescribed oral prednisone and buprenorphine as followup. Owner has not noted urination or defecation since yesterday. Decreased appetite, is drinking water. No vomiting….

CT – Acute Lumbosacral Disc Extrusion in a 9 year old Old English Sheepdog

The patient presented with acute grade 3 paraparesis with neuroanatomic localization at L4-S3 and severe pain. 

CT Left-sided Mineralized Disc Extrusion in a FS Dachshund

The patient was presented for not wanting to go up the stairs or jump on the couch. RDVM who took radiographs patient was placed on Tramadol, Carprofen and strict activity rest for two weeks. Despite rest the patient’s hind legs continued to become more weak. The patient was treated with a tapering dose of Prednisone…

Septic suppurative pericarditis in a 13 year old FS DSH cat with diabetes

This 13- year-old DSH FS cat presented for lethargy, anorexia and tachypnea. The patient has a history of diabetes, labored breathing, weakness in the hind limbs, and anemia. Blood work revealed a hematocrit of 25.4%, BUN of 61, and a WBC count of 35000 with monocytosis. Urine specific gravity was 1.022. Chest radiographs revealed severe…

Pneumonia diagnosed by FNA of consolidated lung in a 7 year old FS German Shepherd Dog

A 7-year-old FS German Shepherd with history of treatment for undiagnosed illness was presented for evaluation of considerable weight loss, weakness, lethargy, coughing up bile, anorexia, not urinating and not defecating. Current therapy was prednisone, sucralfate, and tramadol. Abnormalities on physical examination were weakness and labored breathing. Abnormalities on blood chemistry were moderately elevated ALP…

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