Right renal mass with adjacent infiltrated lymph node in a 8 year old MN Labrador Retriever

Right renal mass with adjacent infiltrated lymph node in a 8 year old MN Labrador Retriever

An 8-year-old NM Labrador Retriever with a history of seizures, cardiac disease, and pacemaker implantation was presented for evaluation of decreased appetite and progressive azotemia. Current therapy was enalapril, phenobarbital and potassium bromide. 

CT – Extraaxial intracranial mass lesion and proliferative chronic otitis externa extending into the tympanic bulla in a 14 year old MN Beagle

This 14 year old MN Beagle dog presented with chronic otitis; history of seizures of 1 year duration

CT – Extraaxial intracranial neoplasia level with the left frontal lobe and olfactory bulb, likely meningioma, in a 8 year old FS Great Dane dog

This 8 year old FS Great Dane dog presented 1 month ago for possible seizure, moderately elevated liver enzymes, U/S revealed nodule in liver and large spleen. Treated with milk thistle and now liver enzymes are only mildly elevated. Short grand mal seizure this morning and presented to hospital. Few focal (head) seizures while here…

CT – Intraaxial mass lesion in the right cerebral hemisphere, likely neoplasia, of a 10 year old FS Yorkshire Terrier dog

This 10 year old F Yorkshire Terrier has a history of seizures since 3-20-2016. Has had hyper salivation and foaming at the mouth. Owner thinks that after exposure to 24-D weed killer sometime before 3/20/2016 she started to have seizures.  RDVM began Keppra and increased her dose up to 33mg/kg and added Diazepam PO later…

CT – Bilateral otitis externa and mild left sided otitis media, wth moderate hydrocephalus internus in a 5 year old Holland Lop rabbit

This 5 year old MN Holland Lop rabbit presented with a history of hydrocephalus. Recently vestibular symptoms and nystagmis worsening. Longstanding history of weekly seizires – on Zonisamide and Keppra. Previous CT in 2012 showed hydrocephalus. Previous dental extractions die to malocclusion. R/O otitis media and worsening hydrocephalus.  

CT- normal brain and chronic otitis externa in a 3 year old FS Labrador Retiever dog with seizures

This 3 year old FS Labrador Retriever presented with a history of seizure activity

RADS – Pulmonary Osteomas and Pleural Plugs with Mild Degenerative Changes in a dog

History: First seizure at 10 years of age. History of mass cell tumor being removed some time ago

CT Right-Sided Cerebral Intraaxial Neoplasia in a 6 year old MN Giant Schnauzer dog

This 6 year old MN Giant Schnauzer has a history of seizures. Right eye enucleation with mass 4 weeks ago.  Presented for seizure activity.

CT – Normal Brain with Uncontrollable Seizures in an 11 year old

This patient has a history of having seizures that cannot be controlled.   

Diagnosing a Shunt on Sonogram

An 8-year-old FS Maltese was presented for evaluation for severely elevated pre and post-prandial bile acids and mild ALT elevations and subnormal BUN. In addition, the patient was positive for Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Seizure activity was present in the history.

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