CT Lumbosacral Disc Protrusion and Spondylosis with Pelvic Bladder in a German Shepherd Dog

Omental steatitis in a 12 year old FS Rhodesian Ridgeback

A 12-year-old FS Rhodesian Ridgeback dog with history of frequent urinary tract infections, hypothyroidism (on Soloxine), and urinary incontinence (on Proin), was presented for a recheck T-4. Abnormalities on physical examination were tachypnea, and a grade II-III/VI heart murmur. CBC was within normal limits. The only abnormality on blood chemistry was elevated ALP activity. T-4…

03_00213 Snowball L Hepatocellular carcinoma

A 13-year-old FS Samoyed with history of azotemia and urinary leaking, on DES and NF diet, was presented for polyuria. Leukocyturia was present on urinalysis. Abnormalities on CBC and blood chemistry were thrombocytosis, monocytosis, elevated AST, ALT and ALP activity, hyperkalemia, and hyperamylasemia.

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