Severe degenerate valve disease in a MN Pomeranian

Severe degenerate valve disease in a MN Pomeranian

A male neutered Pomeranian dog of unknown age presented for evaluation of syncopal episodes. A grade 4/6 heart murmur was present on auscultation. Current therapy included benazepril and furosemide.

Moderate degenerative mitral valve disease in an 8 year old MN Cairn terrier mix

An 8-year-old MN Cairn terrier mixed breed presented for follow up echocardiography. The dog has been on pimobendan and benazepril therapy. Systolic BP was 150 mm Hg. Survey radiographs showed a normal cardiac silhouette, VHS of 10.5, mild left atrial enlargement; there was no signs of venous congestion, pulmonary edema, or tumors.

15-00077 Rosie N Severe DMVD with CHF—NEEDS HX—-NO IMAGES—-

An 8-year-old intact female King Charles that had an enlarged left LA on previous echocardiography was presented for ???. Current therapy is Lasix, Benazepril, and pimobendan. Systolic BP is within normal range.

15-00073 Scruffy B Severe MV degeneration, chordae rupture–>severe MI——-NO IMAGES—

A 13-year-old NM Japanese Chin was presented for heart failure and hemoptysis. Therapy had been furosemide and Benazepril.

15_00064 Oliver S Moderate pulmonary hypertension

A 7-year-old MN Labrador retriever presented for follow up evaluation for pulmonary hypertension. Current therapy is Sildenafil (1mg/kg TID), benazepril, and Lasix. There was an episode of collapse in the previous month.

15_00066 Thom L Mild LVH, SAM

A 10-year-old MN DSH cat was presented for evaluation. Previous echocardiogram in 2008 showed SAM with mitral regurgitation. Current therapy is amlodipine, Benazepril, Diltiazem and CoQ10. CBC, serum biochemistry, and blood pressure are all within normal limits with a BNP of 386. According to the owner the patient is doing well.

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