Urethral TCC in a 12 year old FS Beagle

Urethral TCC in a 12 year old FS Beagle

A 12-year-old SF Beagle with a history of urinary tract infections was presented for evaluation of lethargy and poor appetite. Previous ultrasound had shown a 0.65 cm rounded mass/polyp near the bladder neck.  On follow up assessment, progressive azotemia and resolution of the mass was evident. 

Strictured Ureter and Hydroureter with Small Intestinal Entrapment in a 5 year old F Dachshund

This 5 year old female intact Dachshund dog presented with a history of abdominal mass.

Severe Chronic Inflammatory Process In A 10-Year-Old MN DSH Cat: Our Case Of the Month Janaury 2022

A 10-year-old male neutered FIV (+) DSH cat was presented for a mass palpated in the cranial abdomen. Weight loss of >2lbs. but acting normally otherwise. Physical exam found the patient with a BCS of 4/5 and a large spherical mass palpable in cranial abdomen. Radiographs showed a mass effect caudal to stomach with the…

Acute Splenic Torsion In An 8-Year-Old MN Shepherd Mix Canine: Our Case of the Month April 2017

The patient was presented on emergency from his RDVM. Thoracic radiographs were unremarkable. 2-view abdominal radiographs showed a cranial abdominal mass. CBC: HCT 32%, Anemia, elevated WBC 29.58, Mono 59, Neut 22.44, PCV/TP 36%/8.2 upon presentation. A double cavity ultrasound was performed.

Myxosarcoma of the body wall in a 12 year of MN Labrador mix

A 12-year-old intact male Labrador cross was presented for evaluation of a large mass on the flank and proteinuria. Laboratory work was within normal limits.

Renal carcinoma in a 15 year old MN DSH cat with weight loss

A 15 year old NM DSH was presented for losing weight with a history of a possible abdominal tumor and kidney stone. Both CBC and serum biochemistry were within normal limits.

Pancreatic cyst and neuroendocrine neoplasia diagnosed on ultrasound-guided FNA in a 10 year old FS Boxer

This 10-year-old FS Boxer had originally been presented for a routine screening for a dental prophylaxis procedure. The physical exam had been normal at that time. However, due to mildly elevated amylase and lipase on the preanesthetic screening, a sonogram. A left limb pancreatic mass (6 cm diameter) had been reported, but initially sampling had…

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