07_00181 CD C Unilateral adrenal mass, +LDDS, nl contralateral adrenal

Severe Chronic Biceps Tenosynovitis and Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) with Synovialitis and Osteochondromatosis in a 4 year old MN Labrador Retriever mix dog

History of left front recurrent lameness for several years. Physical exam showed pain and resistance on flexion; elbow rads show bone spurs and osteophytes in shoulder.

03_00422 Chubaka H Cholecystitis, chronic liver changes, suspect PDH

A 15-year-old NM Multipoo was presented for evaluation of suspected Cushing’s disease based on a low-dose-dexamethasone suppression test. There was a history of PU/PD and polyphagia. On physical examination, alopecia and calcinosis cutis were evident. Abnormalities on serum biochemistry were elevated liver enzyme activity and non-regenerative anemia.

Small Cell Intestinal Lymphoma in a 10 year old MN cat diagnosed by US-guided FNA in a “ropey” intestine

The patient is a feline DSH, NM, 10 years. The patient has intermittent vomiting and has lost 2 pounds in the past two months. Abdominal radiographs show slight accordion pattern.

Adrenal mass in a 12 year old FS Shih Tzu with hypertension

A 12-year-old SF Shih Tzu dog was presented for evaluation of hypertension that was controlled with 0.625mg amlodipine three times daily. CBC showed mild leukopenia, whereas serum biochemistry was within normal limits.

Left adrenal mass in a 13 year old FS Shih Tzu dog

A 13-year-old FS Shih Tzu dog was presented for a growth on the right flank and increased appetite. Previous echocardiography had shown mild mitral regurgitation, and mild but compensated tricuspid valve regurgitation. Abnormalities on physical examination were a growth on the right flank, a growth on the right eye, and generalized alopecia. No abnormalities were…

Left perirenal cyst in a 15 year old FS DMH cat

A 15 year old spayed female DMH cat was presented for progressive disease over a 6-8 month period, characterized by poor coat quality, decreased mobility, reduced activity, and pruritic skin lesions that have not responded to antibiotics and use of an E-collar. Abnormalities on physical examination were alopecia, hyperpigmentation, and thinning of the skin of…

Prostatic abscess and Sertoli cell tumor in a 11 year old MN Labrador Retriever dog

An 11 year old MN Labrador Retriever canine (no descended testicles were present but this was an adopted dog with shelter history) was presented for progressive weight loss (4 pounds over a few months), hair loss, and leaking of urine. Abnormalities on physical examination were alopecia on the hind limbs and flanks and urinary incontinence….

Lymphoma diagnosed by Tru-cut biopsy of mesenteric lymph nodes in a pruritic 2 year old Labrador Retriever

A 2-year-old FS Labrador Retriever was presented for the evaluation of pruritus and being more affectionate (clingy) than usual. The dog had a previous history of a histiocytoma and Lyme disease which had been treated. Generalized areas consisting of collarettes and seborrhea were present on her dorsum. Samples obtained for a fungal assay were negative….

Bilateral adrenal hypertrophy in a 12 year old MN Yorkshire Terrier

A 12 year old NM Yorkshire Terrier dog with a history of elevated ALP activity, elevated cholesterol, elevated BUN, and elevated BUN/creatinine ratio was presented. Abnormalities on physical examination were hair loss on the lower back, joint disease, cyst on top of the head, and a mass on the right side of the hock. The…

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