Esophageal F. Body

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Tammy is a 9 months old Pomeranian that came in for vomiting. She might have been injested a pork chop bone . Her scan revealed distended non motille  stomach-fundus with a thin linear hyperechoic f. body that appears to be “stuck” in the distal esophagus, cardia. Rest of the scan was normal; bone like material in the descending colon. Suspect grass, dental floss or similar. X-rays thorax and no FB seen in the esophagus.  Not sure of the signifcance. I assume if no response to symptomatic tx and if still present the next step would be upper GI endoscopy. Esophagus apper to have fluid in it and have increased motility. Is this abnormal? and might related to FB?


Thank you.

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