Hematuria in a 10 yr old, FS, Sheltie

Case Study

Hematuria in a 10 yr old, FS, Sheltie

A 10-old FS Sheltie was presented for evaluation of hematuria.

A 10-old FS Sheltie was presented for evaluation of hematuria.


Urethral and bladder masses

Sonographic Differential Diagnosis

Urethral and bladder masses, mineralizing consistent with transitional cell carcinoma.
Enlarged, irregular left adrenal gland. Likely adenoma. Minor potential for pheochromocytoma.
Age related renal changes.

Image Interpretation

The urethra in this patient presented an infiltrative mass extending at least 4 cm caudal to the cystourethral junction and into the pelvis with expansive mineralizing tumor in the deep pelvis. Bladder itself revealed a separate mass that is highly vascular. The mass measured approximately 3 cm. Small calculi were also noted in the bladder.

Right adrenal gland was uniform and measured 2.46 x 1.09 cm cranial; 0.93 cm caudal. Left adrenal gland slightly enlarged measuring 2.6 x 1.08 cm cranial; 0.89 cm caudal with irregular contour to the cranial pole.


Recommend Ultrasound-guided laser ablation/UGELAB in this patient. This may be performed in Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital, Ridgewood, New Jersey. Otherwise urethral stent placement could be considered as an option.Poor long-term prognosis. The urethral mass is the more imminent issue.

Clinical Differential Diagnosis

Bladder – cystitis, neoplasia, uroliths, polyploid cystitis
Urethra – granulomatous urethritis, neoplasia, urolith
Renal – neoplasia, renolith, pyelonephritis
Systemic – hypertension, hemorrhagic diathesis

Patient Information

Patient Name : Misty Shaner
Gender : Female, Spayed
Species : Canine
Type of Imaging : Ultrasound
Status : Complete
Liz Wuz Here : Yes

Clinical Signs

  • Hematuria



Clinical Signs

  • Hematuria
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