Huge Abdominal Mass

Huge Abdominal Mass

12 year old MN Spaniel Weight loss, off form, decreased appetite and very recent pu/pd Round heterogenous mass taking up most of abdomen Could identify some normal liver and stomach cranial to mass Could identify left and right kidneys, right adrenal and spleen and bladder Also enlarged lymph nodes, I think I am seeing mesenteric…


13 year old FN DSH V+, inappetance, off form Thickened intestines esp duodenum and large intestine, enlarged spleen, nodular kidneys, mildly enlarged lymph nodes I have not seen lymphoma with these type of kidneys before, is this typical?  

Uterine horns

13 year old female entire sheepdog Previously had 3 litters pups In season 2 months ago Is it normal to see the uterine horns like this?


12 year female entire Sheltie, inappetance, diarrhoea, pyrexia. Would you classify this gallbladder as a mucocoele? I can see free fluid and steatitis caudal to gallbladder, do you think this is inflammtory or from potential rupture? Also has anal gland mass with rounded and heterogenous sublumbar lymph node so difficult to know which is best…

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